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Elegant Angel Discount


Elegant Angel Discounted Price:

$9.95 for 30 days

$7.45 per month for 365 days



Why has nobody I know ever heard of the Phantom Blot? Seriously, he’s one of the most underrated characters ever made by Disney! Underutilized and obscure these days which is sad. Though considering he’d usually appear in the more serious episodes of whatever Disney show there was at the time, that may explain why. (Also, yes he does look like Enigma’s concept art, and I distinctly see a resemblance between the two.) Anyways, I’d rather watch porn because in pretty much everything comes a reminder that I am addicted to this lascivious virtual activity. And today, I’m going to talk about something in relation to the enigmatic, like Disney phantoms and angels.

You know what makes a great porn site? It’s one that creates its own pornos. One that has its own studio. Think about how much of a win-win situation it is. The cast get to meet each other before anything commences. They get to talk about how the scenes should pan out and the actors will get the kind of guidance they need to make the perfect scene. One thing I love the most would be the bloopers and other fun moments everyone gets to have and the people in the adult industry have more of that, to be honest. With Elegant Angel, you get to see beautiful chicks who are really pampered and clearly impassioned to do what they do best.

There are much for you to expect from this revolutionary porno site. For one thing, they create DVD format videos and they have 379 of that, all in full length. That aside, you get to enjoy the 2,000 plus vids they have coming from their direct affiliations, several niches gathered altogether for a culminating sensual effect. You know how Brain Pass goes with its works, always priceless. And today, they bring you this angel of elegance of a pornographic resource. All the long length vids you would always wish for to satisfy your daily kinky needs.

The site has been scored 9.5 out of 10 making it a truly reliable porno resource. For only $7.45 a month, you get the full access you need for Elegant Angel. Take this offer now and you will always have the time of your life, especially with the many surprises and updates that come in a weekly basis.

Viv Thomas Discount


Viv Thomas Discounted Price:

$9.99 for 30 days

$8.33 per month for 365 days


viv-thomas-discountAs a man, producer, photographer, and a fan of nude erotic women, Viv Thomas is one dude who has definitely made his name into a household brand! He is known all over the adult entertainment industry. He is known for having lots of experience and for having a deep-seated fascination with hot women and their sexy bodies, in particular, their shapely legs. As a members to this official site you will discover, or rediscover, the finesse and quality that has made this guy so popular. Complete access to the exclusive material is something that you will treasure. Inside there is also tons of material from stars and models who look gorgeous in every shape and form.

We are telling you that the content you have to go through inside this site is a lot. There are over 2674+ image galleries accompanied by well over 1284+ original movies that the site houses. The images that are inside, which are the main forte that Viv is known for, are impressive in various sizes. High res to mid res imagery with incredible angles and scenery background plus the delightful and erotic composition is what you are receiving as a member. Movies can be streamed and downloaded with wmv, flv, divx, mp4 formats available. The new HD quality updates for the movies simply shine with color and amaze you with sound. Older material can be 480p resolution, which is not too bad.

During the course of the week, the site will add various updates that help in refreshing the galleries. Viv Thomas refused to tone down his content or artistic integrity for the film rating board in Britain and earned points for going against the grain even if his material was banned from public sale. The site lets you wander freely into the mind of this legendary porn producer and see some of the most immaculately beautiful babes that the world has to offer. The variety of what they have encompasses niches like hardcore, solo, striping, solo, masturbation, and other genres. The site never departs from doing things to a higher standard and filming/photographing on a better more entertaining level.

The site has mastered the art of sensual presentation of their material. The layout and the design is not revolutionary but maintain simple elements that help you move about easily. That includes information, sections, model index, and so much more. The organization inside means little worries for you when it comes to locating models or material.

With a really good deal when it comes to the membership price for Viv Thomas, we really do consider this package one deal that you cannot overlook. You will get interesting action from a legend and that is enough to make any normal porn fan jizz their pants in anticipation and excitement.

We Are Hairy Discount


We Are Hairy Discounted Price:

$26.65 a month for 90 days


we-are-hairy-discountThere are a lot of different things that ladies can do with their pubic hairs. Inside the site We Are Hairy, we get to see what happens when the babes decide to grow some serious bush! All the gals inside this site do not believe in shaving their pussy hair or any hair for that matter. They are hairy and not making any apologies to anyone. The furry pussy hardcore niche is one that is very intense and interesting to watch. The fact that the site does its very best to find only sexy models is great thing we hope you will appreciate and take full advantage of.

There are so many picture sets inside this site. One set can have more than 100 images and the site has well over 774 image galleries inside. The pics are massive since they have nice resolution of 3000 by 2000 pixel quality. You are in luck though since the site also offers smaller sized imagery. You can download with the aid of the zip file they give you. For movies, you will have more than 200 videos in HD quality so no worries there. They are doing multiple daily updates so these numbers are going to be higher.

You will note that this site doesn’t only offer hairy babes but they have various other niches. To mention a few there are lingerie, slim, brunette, exotics, slim, lesbian, nipples, hardcore, outdoor, tattoo, uniforms, insertions, squirting, and a very long list of niches to keep you entertained. Everything is coated with lots of hair all the time of course. They seem to like showing the individual babes engaged in sexy masturbation action. You will also note that many gals are new fresh faces, amateurs who simply look amazing. The high quality filming techniques in use makes the material a touch more intense. We are yet to hear of a porn fan who hates having high res and HD quality porn material after all!

They are doing the presentation in a style that is simplistic but beautiful. When you check out the updates, you find they have information plus descriptions. The model index displays all the gals with some stats and links to the material that they have made. Watch what you want to watch since the site offers members viewing options that are not bad at all.

To conclude, We Are Hairy is startling good at bringing variety and amateurs who have lots of hair and not shy of showing you everything. What helps them is the wide selection that they have managed to make and the fact that they are devilishly quick when it comes to updates.

Wow Girls Discount


Wow Girls Discounted Price:

$19.95 for 30 days

$19.99 per month for 150 days


wow-girls-discountIt’s not uncommon to scream Wow Girls inside this site! This is primarily because of the sexy babes that this site brings forth. It’s all teen and young bodies, then a thick liquid of hardcore sex is smeared all over the place making the meal appetizing and arousing. The site states that most of their gals are between the tender sexy ages of 18 to 20. The site also says that they take these gals and make sure that the sexual things they do will have you breathing hard. Sounds like incredible promises, right? Well, we saw that a lot of material was in HD and high res quality so we were definitely excited on finding out more about these guys.

The site looks to be part of some form of network of sites. Its 3 sites inside this network all promising to offer you the most exciting young gals on this planet. The other two sites are called 18 Only Girls and Wow Porn. You can say that all three sites have three things in common, 1, they have young girls, 2, they are professionally handled and produced, 3, they have hardcore and softcore porn. The soft stuff is mostly gals posing; light fingering, lesbian light sex sessions, toy, and whatnot. The hardcore is simply breathtaking pounding with cumshots, blowjobs, and all other wonderful lewd action you like.

This site on its own contains more than 200 videos, but when you include the other sites, you have 1600 videos. The sites inside are paired in a trinity sort of setting. You really cannot have one without the other two influencing and meddling into your affairs. All the sites offer you clean original productions. That means exclusive young pussy action. The updates are daily. You will float around easily inside. They have a navigation setup that is award winning according to us. It is simple, intuitive, versatile, and fast. What you desire to see is easy to find, links, tags, search features all there to help you.

There is a model index and lest we forget, they also do offer you HD 1080p res videos. They have hundreds of picture galleries, many in high res formats. Streaming and downloading is not a problem. The filming quality and production is clearly handled by experts. Maybe that’s why each scene looks so delicious, each gal so erotic, each sex session so wowing! There are live sex shows. There is a schedule you have to follow in order to catch the live shows.

The whole time we were inside Wow Girls, we were sweating with heated arousal. There are few producers in the adult entertainment industry who really get it and bring the best productions. We have to say that these guys deserve to be inside that small click of elite producers

Fucked Hard 18 Discount


Fucked Hard 18 Discounted Price:

$14.90 for 30 days


fucked-hard-18-discountFucked Hard 18 is a pornsite that takes two of our favorite niches and combines them so well. First, they take hardcore young models and then they take massage sex sessions and combine them to create wonderful material. Like the title clearly states, the models inside are 18 year olds. Instead of paying for the massage sessions they receive using coin and notes, they get to pay using their bodies, which is great for us since this is exactly what we wanted to see! The dudes are really experts of persuasion. They encourage, dare, seduce the babes into full-blown hardcore sex! Let us step inside!

The interface that these guys use is not so unique. In fact, it’s one that is familiar to many porn fans. This is because it has been used on other sites. What you do get from these guys is information about the material they have. They have update information as well. You will be able to search easily the content using the tag feature they give. Indexes are there as well. Finally, they do have some form of description that you can look at which is nice. If you need to preview some of the material there is no problem you can do that easily.

We found they have 330+ videos of delicious hardcore 18 year olds being fucked hard, and they accompany the video with some 330+ image galleries. The frequency of updates remains weekly, with one video and one image gallery. Our eyes brightened and our pricks began throbbing when we saw they have HD quality options inside. If the quality is too much for you, you can choose for the low-res videos, although why would you really! Anyway, they also have flv for streaming purposes and other formats. The speed of streaming and downloading is reliable/ fast. Images can be yours using the zip file they give you.

We told you that the site is a massage hardcore sex site, right! Well the 1080p res HD videos do help to make things more vivid for sure. They have various young models and even if you just want simple hardcore sex, produced in the best filming quality possible, you will be pleased with what these guys have. Many of the babes are really young amateurs who are shy, but definitely let loose once those fingers star sliding and the aroma of sex begins rising!

If we were betting people, we would say that you stand a 90% chance of having a seriously fun time inside Fucked Hard 18. The genre that they present is fresh, engaging, well made, and worth checking out. The HD options and the vibrant gals are all things you will enjoy. What are you waiting for?

ALS Scan Discount


ALS Scan Discounted Price:

$9.99 for 30 days

$8.33 per month for 365 days


als-scan-discountSince I was in high school I love to watch porn but I guess you will agree with me that the porn sites nowadays are filled with airbrushed porn stars that have fake tanned skin, silicon filled fake boobs etc and I was really sick of these faking. There was a time when I used to see those short length mms scandal videos just to get something natural but they are often very bad in quality. So, I was looking for a porn site that offers real shaved teens with 100% original ingredients. During that time a friend of mine recommended me ALS Scan. After checking out some of their contents I was pretty sure that it is just what I wanted. They promise all real teens and I personally assure you that they provide just what they promise. So I decided to sign up here.

It cost me a few bucks to sign up here in ALS Scan and now I am really satisfied with the girls here. Most of the girls you see here can be found in your neighborhood whom you stare at or that cute secretary of your boss you’ve been daydreaming about. That’s not all as you will even get some dirty fat chicks too whom you get on the street. All the chicks will be fully exposed and they spread their legs several times to provide a very good look of the pussy.

Production team of this site definitely includes some professionals and they really did a great job. If you check out the photos here you will be sure of it. The photos are shot by the professional photographers with high-end digital cameras that provides up to 17 megapixels. Over 2000 galleries are available here and each one includes about 300 photos. All of these are full screen photos and members can download them easily in zip archives. In the Model Index you will get short bios of each model that has performed in the contents.

Right now there are over 1600 videos here available in the finest 1080p HD quality only and each one of them can be streamed in an embedded player for about 21 minutes. All of these are full length movies and members can download them in multiple formats. Formats are WMV, MPEG-4 and AVI. There is another format which is compatible with iPod or PSP. If you like live chat you can enjoy that too so there is almost everything here you can possibly think of.