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All Japanese Pass Discount


All Japanese Pass Discounted Price:

$19.95 for 30 days

$7.49 per month for 365 days



One of the things that pretty much summed up my childhood would be Japanese cartoons. But, what the hell, aren’t they call anime? I guess I’m getting really old that I can’t seem to remember significant terms anymore. One thing is for sure, I still remember how they all felt. And there’s always something that would remind you of your past. This time, it’s one of the porn sites that have finally become my favorite. It’s called All Japanese Pass and from the name of the site, I’m sure you can tell what it is.

What is there to like about Japanese women? For me, they have everything a guy could need for that party vibe in bed, if you know what I mean? All Japanese has been around for over five years in the industry now to deliver the best possible Japanese porn content across the globe. They are all petite and feisty. They have the kind of vigor that could really drive a man crazy down to his balls. For anyone who has a very dry sex life, only a Japanese girl could really fill in that void, and that is as far as my experience goes. It is real and this awesome network is here to prove that true.

There are porno sources that seem really promising from the outside and people would glamorize them like there’s no other pictures in the scene. If anything, AllJapanesePass would be one of the few that can live up to any porn addict’s expectations. They’ve got the numbers, a collection of massive Japanese based videos that can really draw you into some new form of personal nirvana. As of today, there are over 25,000 videos that can be accessed by any member. That means you can be one of the lucky viewers of this awesome Japanese coquettish feat. There are also 7,000 photo galleries that would expand to literally millions of sensual photos straight from the most glorious Asian girls.

There more to All Japanese Pass than meets the eye. Getting into the network’s member database will truly reveal the most beautiful truths behind this colossal visage of Japanese Porn. All that and more surprises await you.

Hardcore Gangbang Discount


Hardcore Gangbang Discounted Price:

$24.99 for 30 days

$14.16 per month for 365 days


hardcore-gangbang-discountThe simplest introduction that we can offer when it comes to the site Hardcore Gangbang is this, amazingly concentrated material that will show you a new level of group sex you have yet to see. The site draws its inspiration from the depraved minds of beautiful women who just want to experience a gangbang-sex-session with multiple dicks all at once. In other words, the women have gangbang fetishes that they really want fulfilled. The little smuts want to be manhandled, slapped around, penetrated hard in all their holes, and generally be treated like the horny fuck toy that they are. In most cases, its four or more dudes filling, slapping, insulting, destroying a hot babe and it is very severe.

We are yet to come across a gangbang that was not ferocious but these guys really do kick things up a couple of gears! The porn network that owns this site is called If you have ever had any bdsm hardcore porn inclinations, you know that these guys produce some of the best in the market. The tour page of this particular site looks the same as the member’s area. You will get to see the new scenes first. There are previews and its easy getting to the full-length movies. Scenes come with information, the name of the performers, duration of video, rating, comments, description of scenes, and title. They are updating weekly.

With membership, you also get to have Bound Gangbangs, another production and another great site with more bondage and S/M gangbang material. Back to this particular site, and we can confirm that you will have more than one hundred and fifteen hours worth of material to look at. That means they have over 105 videos and well above 19000 pictures inside. The videos they have are long. Many last beyond the 60-minute mark. Moreover, the filming is spectacular especially when you get to have HD productions and high res imagery.

Normally, there is the interview that first introduces the gal, the fantasy she wants, and then four or five hard pricks appear and the scenes get nasty pretty fast. The fantasies really do range from abductions, blackmail, rape, double penetrations, and so on. The scenes show you extreme force being employed by the horny dudes. They literally fold, pinch, throw the gal around, force, scream, spit on, choke, gag, and really make sure they give the gal the most forceful penetrations of her life. Every single thing this site has is exclusive material. The site has you covered on all navigational issues, the design is user friendly, and they have streaming/downloading tools available.

Hardcore Gangbang does not hide the fact that they are an extreme site with extreme fantasies and extreme hardcore. They thrive in that notoriety. It’s different inside this site, and if that is what you need then check them out. Being a spawn of the immaculate bdsm master-site, you know that this site is going to bring it, break those little smuts, and satisfy your extreme gangbang fantasies for sure!

FemJoy Discount


FemJoy Discounted Price:

$19.95 for 30 days

$8.32 per month for 365 days


femjoy-discountThere are certain people who simply cannot get enough of beautiful females. If you are one of them then the site Femjoy is for you. Look at the words they use, fem…possibly standing for females, and joy…possibly standing for euphoric bliss and intense pleasure. This site has a lot of material and most of its galleries are dedicated to the European babes. You know, if you are a dude or chick who understands and appreciates beauty you will be very thrilled with this site. Many of the gals inside also have natural bodies with natural erotic butts and boobs. All the gals (according to us) ooze natural sex appeal by the bucket-loads!

To find out how many models or material the site has, you have to enter the member’s area. They have a list; this list grows as you scroll down. You will get more than five hundred and eighty videos that they have. You will also find they have more than 4322 picture sets, a set having 100 images. The site has more images than videos because they are mostly a nude photography site. Even the way they update emphasizes that they prefer pictures than movies. Nevertheless, every week, there is a movie update and fifteen new sets of pictures added.

It is simple economics on your part. You want a site that offers the best return-on-investment, your money for the best content! Well, this one can satisfy your needs. The priority that they have is to make sure the models stay as Europe sexy as possible and that your erection is a constant vibrating pulse that you can enjoy from the moment you enter until you leave. Among the advantages you get as a member of this site, include the continuous updates that add more models and refresh the galleries. You will have zipped files easily downloaded so that you can save the high res images. Yes, they produce 1080p HD movies. The site design is fashionable, easy to navigate. The models are organized accordingly, material come with various sorting options.

They do not give you bonus sites, but the site is big enough to command all your attention 24/7. Softcore pornography is prominently featured. Sometimes the babes lick each other out in very beautiful lesbian scenes. However, even these scenes betray the classic erotic angle that the producers always maintain. Streaming and downloading options are also provided.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. Well, you will be perusing the material that Femjoy has over and over expecting not to get aroused but you will always be left so horny and filled with such lust and infatuation. So, if you are looking to get a little bit insane from watching quality softcore material, what the hell are you waiting for, join this site. It’s one of the best.

DDF Network Discount


DDF Network Discounted Price:

$14.99 for 30 days

$8.49 per month for 365 days



For those who admire me as a speaker and wish to become as such; heed these words: Speak always what you feel is true in your mind and do so with confidence, vigor and conviction. For those who say that I inspired them to develop their potential: I thank you for giving me that honor, dear friends. I am not perfect (I’m quite crazy, actually) but I only do so because I wish to do so. Do what you want because you want to do it and do it to the best of your ability and I am certain that everything else will fall into place in time. You see, I got my motivation from a porn site, which would definitely come to your surprise. Its filled with contagious audacity and it goes by DDF Network.

In your minds right now, I’m pretty sure you’re quite puzzled, like how the hell did it turn out to have such an unexpected twist? But I’m being serious and if you want to do porn, then go ahead. It’s your life, not other people’s. Get to choose for you, not let others do that for you. It sounds crazy, but in a video from DDF, I heard this line repeated over and over again in some vids, when I guy tries to persuade a girl to date her, which eventually boils down to a fuck session. All guys love sex, you know! But yeah, you’ll never expect such profundity from this resource of sensual items that would not escape the peripheries of your visual imagination.

The thing about this site is that it’s actually a network of niche sites. Some to mention would be Only Blowjob, Hands On Hardcore, Eve Angel, Cherry Jul and so much more. I’m pretty sure the name of the site explain themselves well enough. But to cut you through all the chase, there are 10,000 plus videos that await you all coming from the creative productions of Denys Defrancesco.

How much do you have to pay for a subscription? It’s really cheap considering the fact that you get to enjoy a torrential amount of awesome porn videos. On that note, it’s only $8.49 you have to pay for the first few months since they are currently running a promo up to this day. Furthermore, a porn site rated 9.6 out of 10 such as DDF Network is something you should not let slip.