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Wet and Puffy Discount


Wet and Puffy Discounted Price:

$14.95 for 30 days

$8.33 per month for 365 days


wet-and-puffy-discountWet And Puffy is new to some, but very much familiar to many other people. The site loves to point a big finger at pussy and say, “what a mighty erotic thing it is to look at such glorious pussy”. That’s just our imagination talking, but the hard truth is that there is wet, fluffy, juice filled pussy action inside this site. The amount of videos you get in full are about five hundred and eighty videos, hot things that smolder and steam when you have them in the palm of your hands! What’s more exciting is that the content looks to be fully exclusive productions. Let’s see…is there more?

The camera zoom in close to some pussy, you focus your eyes and explode like a pollen flower into a million seeds! That’s how they do it inside this site. Like the title hints, you get to have everything vaguely relating to the female pussy displayed inside this site. So that means toy play, spreading of lips, squirting, hardcore sex, solo, masturbation, insertions, peeing, and lots more niches you receive happily. You will see that the gals are ready to go berserk on their pussy lips and holes because they can’t stop touching, fingering, squeezing their pussy, and you probably wouldn’t stop either if they were right there beside you. They even do classification; taco, peach, cherry…different types of pussy! It’s all very out of the ordinary.

Good pussy is quality pussy, so good porn is quality porn. For that, they have 1080p HD action. Number two, they have high res pictorials, 3000-pixel range quality. Number three, you will have just the right hue, lighting professional, stunning sharpness, editing, and all the million little things that go into preparing hot-magma-like content! We can group the other things together when it comes to navigation and design, then tell you that you are going to have, what we call, standardized protocols that allow easy access and movement inside. Above that, they also offer you information on file sizes, scenes, models. Nevertheless, all this information is not too lengthy; it’s just something to help you understand what’s happening, what they are trying to do.

We think that all sites must have slight negative aspects since no one site can be 100% accurately good all the time. Minor issues for this site include things like; older material suffers from slightly lower rating on the quality end. They can be a bit disappointing, but new action is always HD. Don’t worry about not being pleased by these guys. Again, the Wet And Puffy niche is still leaking lots of erotic loveliness that you can fully enjoy.

GF Revenge Discount


GF Revenge Discounted Price:

$9.95 for 30 days

$9.95 per month for 180 days


gf-revenge-discountGF Revenge is exploding out content that is meant to be private by telling jilted boyfriends to submit material exposing their former galfriends. That’s the main theme behind it at least. They got gal-gal, boy-gal, group action, and solo, even stripping content. The amalgamation of all these different content and niches makes for interesting collage of sorts. Looking at the tour page, we think they wrapped things nicely and it made us want to look inside the member’s area.

The material inside is of course completely exclusive to this site. The outdoor sex material thrilled us and the orgies were pleasing to hardness of our dicks. The one quality we can say about all the gals we saw inside is that they are all sluttish in their own way. Oh yes, they are also very gratifying to look at, beautiful creatures doing very amateur beautiful things. We can say that the list of physical diversity that they bring includes some ethnic gals, but most of all they stick to white gals.

No older gals inside above the ages of twenty-eight, but you do get them young up to 18-year-olds. They mix amateur women and some pro-looking-gals. They have over three hundred and eleven movies inside and over three hundred pic galleries. Material is arranged and date stamped so you will be able to track things easily. The words describing the events about to play out for you are also good, brief though.

GF Revenge contains an in-browser flv player used for all streaming purposes for the movies. It does load the movie you select rather quickly. You also don’t have to worry about ability to skip forward since it does that also. You can download the zip files containing the pictures or look at them slide by using the online feature they offer. You can stream, but you cannot download the files for the movies. It’s kinda weird because most paysites offer you the opportunity to save everything you can from the video gallery. We have to say that they do not look like they are going to switch things up as far as downloads go, so you’re stuck with streaming.

The final thing that we are about to say on this subject about real amateur gals being exposed in this site is this; we feel they have done a sufficient job. If it is entertainment value that you want, we believe they got that covered. Some things will (or may) piss you off, like the “no download” option, but other things like the sex action and the galfriends and the good production, makes this site worth the effort of you looking into them.

Lets Try Anal Discount


Lets Try Anal Discounted Price:

$19.95 for 30 days

$10.00 per month for 365 days


lets-try-anal-discountLets Try Anal is what you thought it is, an anal focused site that is going to reverse the way you look at asses and anal sex. The material therein is all-exclusive to this site. You will have a lot to watch inside also and they have HD quality videos. The gals inside are mostly young babes who have decided that time has come for them to take one up the ass, and to film it for you. Most of the gals have a truly hard time accommodating the hungry dicks up their ass, but the joy is in watching them succeed. You will see many uncomfortable faces squirming and lots of moaning.

The babes that these guys have contracted are very attractive gals. The action also contains some oral stimulation, boob jobs, some pussy penetration, and the ultimate anal penetration. The site insists that the material they have is first time gals having first time anal and we tend to agree with them. It’s the way the gals contort their faces and behave that makes us think (and feel) things are pretty authentic. If you were starving for HD quality movies then this site is bred to give you truly good-filmed material. We found many videos in 1080p sharpness that act as the example of how deeply dedicated they are to making you really sweat it out. The images are good to since they are 2000 pixel resolution and that gives them power to supplement and increase the pleasure you get from the site’s media. The compilation just looks really smartly made.

You can serve yourself some full-length material or get the clips they have. The basic formats for the videos include mp4, windows media, and mpeg. You are also entrusted with both flash and downloading options. The file sizes can be 500MB or they can be big 2GB files. That means that they have some older material in mid range resolution quality. In general, the lighting and filming technique used are both above average. When roaming inside the pic gallery, you will see the downloadable zip file, and online option you can use to slideshow the pics. Information here is plentiful and they keep on adding info about file size, model bio, categories, and tags.

We are happy to tell you apart from having respectable amount of anal sex you will also have Mofos Network, which shoots more sites filled with content on your lap. With this big bonus, you will be able to keep your fascination alive since they offer you more different genres of hard sex material to watch. The price is not too high; it’s fair if we include all the things offered.

Lets Try Anal markets itself as a great young anal site with a touch of reality dotted all over. The membership deal you are given, and the nasty network bonus sites contributing something significant to your deal, is one of the many reasons why you should think about signing up.

DDF Busty Discount


DDF Network Discounted Price:

$8.99 for 30 days

$7.49 per month for 365 days



One thing every guy should know is that in order to play the game of picking up girls, they have to know how to talk first. That would mean developing one’s conversational skills. Once a guy is able to make himself confident in talking without even really making any sense, he would have a really big shot with any girl he wants to pursue. That would include even the most daunting looking of them all, the ones with the busties. And today, we’re going to do a quick review of DDF Busty.

If the name of the site sounds familiar to you, that it really rings a big bell even inside your balls, that is because it is created by a company of its same name. DDF has been around for more than a decade now and they are really good at playing with words. Notice the name, it actually symbolizes the different bra sizes of women. That means to say the busty here does not just apply to the big booties, but also to the frontals. You know, the tits! All of them are here for you to imagine. How good could it be to suck these busty girls’ nipples out. If you miss milking your ex-girlfriend’s essence, don’t worry because here the ship is always sailing for your glory!

There are thousands of reasons why DDF has been one of the best porn sites even in today’s scene. There’s a myriad of them that I find it really hard to break down every one of them. But, I guess the reasons are for you to discover because it’s more about feeling than telling. First of all, there are 1,400 plus videos that every member can gain access to. These videos are worth 10 minutes (the least) of big boobs and big butts fucking buff guys and whatnot. The premise may seem really common, but the way the videos are crafted and delivered really make the distinction. It’s epic and creative all the same!

In addition to that, there are thousands of photos in the galleries that are exclusively prepared by the team. You can also download as many videos as you want on a daily basis. Join DDF Busty and improve your porno nights into something illustrative!