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fucked-hard-18-discountFucked Hard 18 is a pornsite that takes two of our favorite niches and combines them so well. First, they take hardcore young models and then they take massage sex sessions and combine them to create wonderful material. Like the title clearly states, the models inside are 18 year olds. Instead of paying for the massage sessions they receive using coin and notes, they get to pay using their bodies, which is great for us since this is exactly what we wanted to see! The dudes are really experts of persuasion. They encourage, dare, seduce the babes into full-blown hardcore sex! Let us step inside!

The interface that these guys use is not so unique. In fact, it’s one that is familiar to many porn fans. This is because it has been used on other sites. What you do get from these guys is information about the material they have. They have update information as well. You will be able to search easily the content using the tag feature they give. Indexes are there as well. Finally, they do have some form of description that you can look at which is nice. If you need to preview some of the material there is no problem you can do that easily.

We found they have 330+ videos of delicious hardcore 18 year olds being fucked hard, and they accompany the video with some 330+ image galleries. The frequency of updates remains weekly, with one video and one image gallery. Our eyes brightened and our pricks began throbbing when we saw they have HD quality options inside. If the quality is too much for you, you can choose for the low-res videos, although why would you really! Anyway, they also have flv for streaming purposes and other formats. The speed of streaming and downloading is reliable/ fast. Images can be yours using the zip file they give you.

We told you that the site is a massage hardcore sex site, right! Well the 1080p res HD videos do help to make things more vivid for sure. They have various young models and even if you just want simple hardcore sex, produced in the best filming quality possible, you will be pleased with what these guys have. Many of the babes are really young amateurs who are shy, but definitely let loose once those fingers star sliding and the aroma of sex begins rising!

If we were betting people, we would say that you stand a 90% chance of having a seriously fun time inside Fucked Hard 18. The genre that they present is fresh, engaging, well made, and worth checking out. The HD options and the vibrant gals are all things you will enjoy. What are you waiting for?