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gf-revenge-discountGF Revenge is exploding out content that is meant to be private by telling jilted boyfriends to submit material exposing their former galfriends. That’s the main theme behind it at least. They got gal-gal, boy-gal, group action, and solo, even stripping content. The amalgamation of all these different content and niches makes for interesting collage of sorts. Looking at the tour page, we think they wrapped things nicely and it made us want to look inside the member’s area.

The material inside is of course completely exclusive to this site. The outdoor sex material thrilled us and the orgies were pleasing to hardness of our dicks. The one quality we can say about all the gals we saw inside is that they are all sluttish in their own way. Oh yes, they are also very gratifying to look at, beautiful creatures doing very amateur beautiful things. We can say that the list of physical diversity that they bring includes some ethnic gals, but most of all they stick to white gals.

No older gals inside above the ages of twenty-eight, but you do get them young up to 18-year-olds. They mix amateur women and some pro-looking-gals. They have over three hundred and eleven movies inside and over three hundred pic galleries. Material is arranged and date stamped so you will be able to track things easily. The words describing the events about to play out for you are also good, brief though.

GF Revenge contains an in-browser flv player used for all streaming purposes for the movies. It does load the movie you select rather quickly. You also don’t have to worry about ability to skip forward since it does that also. You can download the zip files containing the pictures or look at them slide by using the online feature they offer. You can stream, but you cannot download the files for the movies. It’s kinda weird because most paysites offer you the opportunity to save everything you can from the video gallery. We have to say that they do not look like they are going to switch things up as far as downloads go, so you’re stuck with streaming.

The final thing that we are about to say on this subject about real amateur gals being exposed in this site is this; we feel they have done a sufficient job. If it is entertainment value that you want, we believe they got that covered. Some things will (or may) piss you off, like the “no download” option, but other things like the sex action and the galfriends and the good production, makes this site worth the effort of you looking into them.