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wet-and-puffy-discountWet And Puffy is new to some, but very much familiar to many other people. The site loves to point a big finger at pussy and say, “what a mighty erotic thing it is to look at such glorious pussy”. That’s just our imagination talking, but the hard truth is that there is wet, fluffy, juice filled pussy action inside this site. The amount of videos you get in full are about five hundred and eighty videos, hot things that smolder and steam when you have them in the palm of your hands! What’s more exciting is that the content looks to be fully exclusive productions. Let’s see…is there more?

The camera zoom in close to some pussy, you focus your eyes and explode like a pollen flower into a million seeds! That’s how they do it inside this site. Like the title hints, you get to have everything vaguely relating to the female pussy displayed inside this site. So that means toy play, spreading of lips, squirting, hardcore sex, solo, masturbation, insertions, peeing, and lots more niches you receive happily. You will see that the gals are ready to go berserk on their pussy lips and holes because they can’t stop touching, fingering, squeezing their pussy, and you probably wouldn’t stop either if they were right there beside you. They even do classification; taco, peach, cherry…different types of pussy! It’s all very out of the ordinary.

Good pussy is quality pussy, so good porn is quality porn. For that, they have 1080p HD action. Number two, they have high res pictorials, 3000-pixel range quality. Number three, you will have just the right hue, lighting professional, stunning sharpness, editing, and all the million little things that go into preparing hot-magma-like content! We can group the other things together when it comes to navigation and design, then tell you that you are going to have, what we call, standardized protocols that allow easy access and movement inside. Above that, they also offer you information on file sizes, scenes, models. Nevertheless, all this information is not too lengthy; it’s just something to help you understand what’s happening, what they are trying to do.

We think that all sites must have slight negative aspects since no one site can be 100% accurately good all the time. Minor issues for this site include things like; older material suffers from slightly lower rating on the quality end. They can be a bit disappointing, but new action is always HD. Don’t worry about not being pleased by these guys. Again, the Wet And Puffy niche is still leaking lots of erotic loveliness that you can fully enjoy.